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Introduce yourselves, physics geeks!

We should revive this community! The last post was by me regarding a website I don't even maintain anymore. Pathetic. I think we should all introduce ourselves. Maybe the activity will attract new members.

Name: Laura
Location: Orlando, Florida
Year: 4th year / first semester doctoral student (I switched programs)
Field: Planetary Science
Research: Lunar dust dynamics (I play with marbles and sand).
Post-graduation career plans: Get a rockin' space-related job (not a postdoc), become an astronaut, take over NASA
What attracted you to physics: I've always been fascinated by the Universe. I was very young when I knew that I wanted to explore the stars. I took my first physics class in high school and loved it. I want to understand how our world works.

Feel free to add any other information you want to share. Maybe everyone who responds can add and answer a new question.
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